Saturday, January 7, 2012

Melt My Art

This masterpiece is now happily hanging in my room. It is beautiful! Much better than I was prepared to accept. LOVE when that happens, right?

TIME: No more than an hour total, but has to be set out overnight to let the glue dry.
COST: $10
SATISFACTION (1-10): 10!
        1 Foam Board
        2 Boxes of 64 crayons
        White Glue
        Hair Dryer
        Plastic Trash Bag
  1. Consolidate supplies! Crafts like this are always easier when all your supplies are in the same spot.
  2. Sort crayons. First sort them into piles (blues, purples, oranges, etc.), then you can line them up in the order you want them on your board. I had to take out the browns and all the neutral colors along with some funky greens and a few extra reds to make it all fit. Which leads to...
  3. Measure. I’m not saying bust out a tape measurer and go inch by inch, but line the crayons up and make sure they match with the length of your foam board.
  4. Glue. Section out the crayons into a few groups. It’s easier to do it this way because your glue won’t start drying before you get to it. Make sure you only glue where the wrappers are and not on the wax. Apply the glue to the board, NOT each individual crayon. You don’t have to, but on mine, I lined the labels up so they were somewhat uniform looking. Make sure to press them down, too. The glue needs to hold them on there really well or they will fall of when you hang it.
  5. Leave overnight to dry!
  6. Melt the crayons. Lay your plastic bag down and set your hair dryer to hot. 
  7. Sit back and enjoy your AWESOME new art piece! I’m hanging mine above my adorable hamsters’ cage :)

SIDE NOTE : If you angle your hair dryer strait at the crayons, they splatter (shown above). If you angle it up and point at the middle of the crayon (shown below), they drip strait down. Either way looks great it just depends how much of a mess you are prepared for! 

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