Lollipop, Lollipop, ooh Lolli Lolli Lolli

Who wouldn't want a lollipop? Ever? That's what I thought.
So here's how to make your own fast, simple, fun and delicious lillipops using only:

Tin Foil
1 Baking Sheet
1 Bag Life Savers Hard Candies
Several Popsicle Sticks

Step 1: Pre-heat oven to 250F

Step 2: Layer pan with tin foil

Step 3: Place popsicle stick and lifesavers on tin foil as you want them. Make sure that there are lifesavers covering the stick or there will not be enough strength in the center of your lollipop to make it past the first few licks!

Step 4: Place in center of oven and wait until your lifesavers have all melted but not so much that the base of the lollipop is ridiculously large! Keep an eye on them, this can happen very fast once you're around the 10-15 minute range!

Step 5: Let lollipops cool and peel off when completely cool and hardened!

Step 6: Lick away or wrap them up for later or as treats! Enjoy!

TIP: The one I demonstrated here was delicious! BUT, it ended up a little thin and somewhat awkwardly large, so a good idea might be to try stacking the lifesavers, or using less to make your lollipop smaller. Either way modifications to the recipe would be easy to do and might make all the difference!

Easy Spring Cake

As it begins to feel like spring out, I begin to crave my all time favorite cake. Every once in a while, my grandma and I make the cake we are known for. We first made it a few years ago, and ever since our first trial with the cake, we just can't stop! We've changed the original recipe here and there, so here is our finished recipe, Nana and Caroline style. It's the easiest, tastiest cake ever! This magic cake uses only 5 ingredients, requires no baking, and is absolutely DELICIOUS. On top of that, it's a beautiful cake! Enjoy! 

1 Container Cool Whip
1 20 oz. Can Crushed Pineapple
1 Box Vanilla Pudding Mix
1 Pre-made Angel Food Cake

1. Drain your pineapple
2. Fold pudding mix, cool whip, and drained crushed pineapple together, making sure to stop before the filling is heavy
3. Cut your angel food cake into thirds horizontally
4. Wash and slice half your strawberries
5. Spread the filling between each third of your cake, layering your strawberries inside
6. Spread filling around the outside of the cake
7. Wash and half the second half of your strawberries and use to decorate the top

Here is my grandma and I with our finished product!!!

Chai Tea

 Just this past week I made homemade chai tea with a friend and we absolutely LOVED it! Here's a picture of our creation, but if you click on the picture it'll send you to the recipe we used.

Also, we made cinnamon whipped cream by whipping heavy cream, powdered sugar, and cinamon together and plopping a dallop into our cups! Absolutely delicious.


  1. Anonymous3/19/2012

    Great Blog site, Caroline. Nana was certainly impressed.
    I'm sure you will fill it up with goodies.

  2. We are going to try to duplicate the cake! Plus, you are a gem of a granddaughter to post your Nana on your blog!

  3. Cousin Pat5/28/2012

    That cake looks great! Maybe even I will try to make one too.


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