Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rain, Rain... DON'T GO!

LOVE the concept of rain boots with super cute skinny jeans or an adorable skirt! Such a cute and fabulous fashion trend! But, as I'm sure you're starting to catch on to, I don't like having the same thing's other people have. I'd much rather have my own version. And even better, I love being able to say I made something I'm wearing. So here's a new adventure I've ventured into this week...

What I didn't like about my original rain boots is the awkward fitting in the back that scooped out at the calf to make a bulky and unflattering. So of course I had to do something about it! Here's a comparison of the before and after for the back of the calf:

The steps were simply this:

1. Cleanly cut down the back seam and v-cut the bottom to allow the two sides to come back together when tightly woven back together.

It's kind of hard to see below (which is good actually) but the base of my cut is a V shape to avoid a gap between the newly cut sides and to avoid a blister-maker in the heel of your boot!

2. Create slits on both sides of the cut that match up across from one another. Again, my camera/my photography skills fall short here but hopefully you can piece together the idea that there are small slits along the edges. Make SURE these line up BEFORE stringing the lace through, as the lace will shift the boot, so the slits need to already be strait.

3. Lace a shoelace or a ribbon through the slits making sure to keep up a pattern to ensure it looks even and polished. Example: I chose to always lace from the outside of the boot to the inside, which you can see below. This also helped cover up the slits that didn't turn out as cleanly as the others in the sides of the boot.

The results are fabulous!!! I'm wearing mine to school tomorrow through the aftermath of a huge rainstorm happening at the moment!


  1. Anonymous5/02/2012

    OMG...So awesome! Great idea. I have s pair that I might just have to try this on. Tamara

  2. did they remain water proof? or did you get some water in through the cuts/laces?


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