Saturday, January 26, 2013

Highly Educated Shopper

This project is absolutely one of my favorites. It is the combination of a wallet and a hard covered book. The PERFECT gift for an avid reader! Here's how I made this gem...

Hot glue gun

Hard covered book with same dimensions as your wallet

Thin wallet with strong frame (Try to find one with a similar style to the one I have below)

X-acto knife


1. Use your knife to carve out the pages of your book, making sure not to damage the binding or the covers.

2. Strip the outer layer of the wallet off GENTLY. Use your X-acto knife to cut only the very top layer away from the frame, then gently peel it away. (There are scissors in the picture. Use an X-acto knife instead.)

3. Glue your wallet into your book ONE COVER AT A TIME. Things to think about before this step: practice lining it up a few times to make sure the hinge in the wallet has room to open in the book's binding, gluing both covers at once could leave your wallet crooked, apply a lot of pressure after gluing or they may not adhere enough, and lastly do not take too much time between applying the hot glue and lining it up with your book cover because the glue dries extremely fast. Be careful about all these things because most wallets made with this type of frame and style have a base of cardboard, meaning if you mess up the first time and have to peel apart the wallet and book, you may end up ruining both in the process.

4. Enjoy your amazing gift, you earned it! If you are giving it away, be sure to track down a book you know the other person will love! A classic they have read a lot before, an author they enjoy, or a funny title you know they'll like carrying around in their purse!

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  1. I'll remember this when I go to the thrift store next time and try to find a match. Can't wait to try. Thanks for sharing.


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