Saturday, January 26, 2013

Halloween Haven

Halloween is a crafters dream. Making an entire outfit, accessories, and getting to choose the craziest yet cutest option is amazing. Here is what I wore this halloween and rough instructions of how I made it...



1. Cut a hole in the bottom of a clothes hamper, big enough to fit around my hips

2. Hot glue tin foil onto the hamper to resemble a cupcake tin

3. Tie string in 2 large loops, opposite each other - to put on shoulders to hold your base up

4. Put on "cupcake tin" and shoulder straps, then wrap the entire upper section in "sparkle snow blanket" (This cost me $5 per roll at target, and I used 2)

5. Stick in cut up construction paper to be your "sprinkles" and wear either a red hat as a "cherry" or a cupcake hat so people have no second guesses as to what you are :)

6. Rock your outfit and get a friend to go as your matching "cotton candy"!


1. spray paint a small section of a "snow blanket" pink

2. Let the paint dry while you make a "cone" out of rolled printer paper or construction paper

3. Wrap them in the blanket, making sure the pink portion ends up as your outermost layer

4. Take a small chunk of the pink blanket and use it to add a little more fluff to your cone

5. Use bobby pins to secure your fluff and cone to your head

6. You're all set! Take tons of pictures, you're sure to be the hit of the party!

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