Monday, March 26, 2012

Rock A Bye, Baby

Hi you guys! I've got a great new craft for those of you that know a family expecting a new baby but without the budget to buy all the overpriced traditional gifts!

This is a book filled with all of the lyrics for the traditional lullabies, classic Disney movie songs, and more that all kids should know! This book is great for parents to use when they are rocking their newborn to sleep, when their baby wakes up crying, and when they are trying to teach them all the classic songs! Here's how to make it...

1. Compile your lyrics! Here is the list of songs that I included in my book:

1) Baby Mine – Dumbo
2) Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag) - Mary Poppins
3) A Spoonful of Sugar – Mary Poppins
4) Crowning Glory – Princess Diaries 2
5) When You Wish Upon a Star – Pinocchio
6) Part of Your World – The Little Mermaid
7) Under the Sea – The Little Mermaid
8) Beauty and the Beast – Beauty and the Beast
9) Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast
10) A Whole New World – Aladdin
11) Circle of Life – The Lion King
12) Strangers Like Me – Tarzan
13) Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah - Song of the South
14) A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes – Cinderella
15) Colors of the Wind – Pocahontas
16) You'll Be in My Heart – Tarzan
17) Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty
18) Reflection – Mulan
19) Cruella De Vil - 101 Dalmatians
20) Let's Go Fly A Kite - Mary Poppins

1) Stay Awake - Mary Poppins
2) Butterfly Kisses
3) Edelweiss – Sound of Music
4) Hush, Little Baby
5) Somewhere Over The Rainbow
6) Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
7) You Are My Sunshine
8) This Little Light Of Mine
9) Amazing Grace
10) Down To The River To Pray
11) Do-Re-Mi – Sound Of Music
12) Hush A Bye Baby
13) Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

2. Now you’ll want to create a cover page and a note for inside the cover, telling the family what you’ve made and why!

3. Print and organize your book, then slip your work into plastic sheets to ensure it stays neat as well as kid-proof! Put in a few extras at the back so that they can add any songs they find and want to add.

4. Present your beautiful, thoughtful, affordable gift!

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