Friday, September 7, 2012

PS I Love You...

As a junior in high school, this past year college letters coming to my mailbox have somewhat ruined the idea of getting mail being an exciting event. They all tell me how amazing I am and how great I am and insincerely rant about choosing their college. 
Getting mail you know someone really put an effort into making is so much better than what I've been getting! So, this weekend I'm making mail that rocks.
So here they are, my beautiful DIY envelopes...

Step 1: Find the perfect paper and decorations (I chose glitter with modpodge, ribbons, stickers, and killer markers! But I also love cutting out pictures from magazines and collaging them with modpodge, if that would work better for you!) You will also need a circular item to trace on the paper to ensure all of your circles match up!

Step 2: Draw identical circles on four pieces of paper and carefully cut them out. The size of your circles will determine how large they are, so try experimenting your sizes on old mail or paper you are recycling already before you mark and cut your nice paper.

Step 3 and 4: Depending on how you are decorating your envelope, these steps can go in either order. 
-Fold each circle exactly in half and line them up with one half over and one half under each other, then tape together from the inside so that tape does not show through on the outside. See picture below.
-Decorate your envelope!

Step 5: Secure your letter inside, address, stamp, and send it off! Make sure your envelope is securely closed and therefore will not come apart in the mail!

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