Sunday, January 8, 2012

Removable Ruffles

These shoes are so much fun. I had a blast strutting them to my school play and dinner beforehand! They are so easy to make, and their look-a-likes are ridiculous expensive in comparison. 


Original Tutorial from LoveMeagan

TIME: 1 hour at the most, but I was also watching TV and distracted while I made mine :)
COST: $12.50
SATISFACTION (1-10): 8.5 (see step #5)
1 pair of strappy sandals
3 feet (roughly) wide ribbon - make sure it is the color of your fabric
1/2 yard of material (I bought 1 yard and have at LEAST half left)
Velcro circles
Needle and thread

***The reason I gave the satisfaction grade on this an 8.5 is because I stupidly used a red ribbon thinking it would not show.* THE RIBBON COLOR SHOWS (as shown below), SO MAKE SURE IT MATCHES THE COLOR OF YOUR SHOES/FABRIC!!!***

  1. Cut your fabric. I cut 2 roughly 1ft pieces from my 1 yard wide piece, and it worked relatively well.
  2. Bunch fabric into flower-like, ruffled designs. There is really no exact science on this one, but just move fabric around to your liking before sewing it in place!
  3. Thread your needle through your design. I simple pulled my needly directly through the back where my fingers held it together, and it worked well.
  4. Continue to add to your ruffles until your piece is the length of your foot.
  5. Sew your ribbon onto your ruffled fabric in the back, so it does not show.

I folded my fabric in half, and unless your ribbon is HUGE, this weakens the support of your ruffles on your shoes when you are wearing your final product!

      6.  Sew on your velcro circles. Make sure you think through the fact they have to be on opposite sides of the ribbon to connect underneath the ruffles once looped around the shoe.

      7.  Strap your new ruffles onto your shoes and strut them proudly! Comment and let me know how yours turned out, too!

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