Friday, September 7, 2012

Newspaper Nails

Ladies, these nails are magic.
I know about the lies of pinterest. 
The endless amazing looking DIY's that you try and discover aren't the promised "3 easy steps!" but rather a complicated project that ends up nothing like you hoped.
But these babies are the real deal.
Easy. Awesome. CHEAP!
Nothing new to buy! All you need is...

Nail Polish of your choice
Topcoat Nail Polish
Rubbing Alcohol

Here are your unbelievably simple steps:

1. Cut out cute pieces of newspaper that will fit on each nail. This may be specific words or small graphics (I chose some of each and they turned out well both ways)

2. Paint your nails and let dry completely

3. Dip into a small container of rubbing alcohol, then immediately apply your newspaper scrap. Be sure to do each nail one at a time for best results.

4. Gently peel off newspaper piece and apply your topcoat when dry!

Post a picture of your nails, I'd love to see them! Also, tell me what worked and what you had to change! Love the feedback!

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